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Report - Further presentations in 2008

CeBIT 2008

In March 2008, we gave a presentation in Hannover, on the world-famous CeBIT. Thanks to Heise Verlag and Bert Ungerer, who supported us in our activities. Who is interested in the slides can download them here.

Sicherheit 2008

Very soon, namely April 3rd 2008, we will give a similar presentation at the security conference Sicherheit 2008 in Saarbrucken, Germany. Next to our presentation other discussions about spam will be held.

DACH Security 2008

Shortly after midsummer, the German speaking conference DACH Security 2008 will be in Berlin. On 24th and 25th June 2008 we will again explain our research results in a short presentation. Next to that, a paper of us will be published after this event.

ISSE 2008

Last but not least, we applied for a presentation on the ISSE 2008. If accepted, we will present our research results in Madrid somewhen between 7th and 9th October 2008. Please feel free to join our talk then, there will be certainly nice weather in Spain :)

Despite all these conferences, you can find me until end of May in Amsterdam, in June in Borken, in July in Heraklion and lastly end-July until mid-August in the Dolomites. Be well!